2014 Year of the Yang Wood Horse – A Big Year

2014 is the Year of the Yang WOOD HORSE
This is Chinese Year 4,712 and it goes from:
JANUARY 30, 2014 – FEBRUARY 18, 2015

This is a very BIG YEAR.

The HORSE is inherently YANG FIRE and is the

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The Rooster Moon of 2013

Chinese Astrological Horoscope for the Rooster Moon of 2013

November 3rd at 7:50am eastern is a new moon and this month in the Chinese zodiac it’s the moon of the ROOSTER. This moon will have more of an impact (stronger energy/chi) on anyone born in a Rooster year. This Rooster moon increases in strength until it hits it’s peak during the full moon which begins at 10:16am eastern on November 17th and then gradually subsides (and decreases in energy) until December 2nd when it is gone and we’re then under the moon of the Dog.


This moon highlights any relationship between an older male and a younger female, but not with the authoritative power you would get with a father-daughter or boss-employee relationship. This is more like an older brother to a younger sister.

The Strongest Energy This Month

The most intense time with the greatest impact during this moon comes at the full moon on November 17th. The few days before and after are quite strong as well. But don’t wait until the full moon to take advantage of this energy, use the whole time from November 3rd until December 2nd.

Who is Impacted the Most?

If you’re animal is Rooster (even more-so if you’re a METAL Rooster) this time period is your most powerful time of the year and the time when your strength and perseverance will give you the boost you need to push through the challenges thrown at you this month. Your action step this month is to not give up on things that are challenging or even daunting at this time.

People born in a METAL year will have a greater influence during this moon, and there may be more demands on you and your resources; don’t let your metal energy get over-committed. If you are monkey, rooster or dog, or born in metal year pay close attention to this horoscope and remember to spread out your energy carefully as it has to last all month!

Energy Relationships

METAL increases WATER
WATER decreases FIRE
FIRE decreases METAL

What Do The Energy Relationships Mean?

On one hand, the universe has good flowing, supportive energy but on the other hand our inspiration, clarity, transformation, communication and strength are challenged. Unfortunately, this leaves us with a push-me, pull-me situation and may result in you feeling like you take one step forward and two steps back or that you struggle with something, move forward with it, but then struggle with it again. Beware competing demands! The metal rooster will be called upon to play a supportive role; expect pressure on your resources (whether communications, time, money, or something else.) Use this opportunity to finish things and be done with them, at least for now.

What Can You Do?

You can change the decreasing energies into increasing energies by:

1. To feel more productive: Surround yourself with the WOOD element: objects that are shades of green, made of wood or shaped as a vertical cylinder. Even being around people with WOOD energy in their birth chart will help.

2. To feel more stable: Surround yourself with the EARTH element: objects that are shades of brown/gold, consist of earthen materials or are square shaped. Even being around people with EARTH energy in their birth chart will help. This step is especially important if you were born in a metal year, or your animal is a rooster.

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